Club fitting is an essential element that compliments your golf swing. All golfers regardless of ability can benefit from properly fitted equipment.

We offer full bag club fitting or choose a component of your game to improve.



“When I first came to Matt, I was a 28 handicap and just starting the game.  Matt’s approach was tailored to my goals and now I am down to an 18 in just one year!  I would recommend Matt to anyone who wants to improve.”
"I started working with Matt when I was 12 years old and just started playing the game.  With Matt’s help, I went on to win at the Junior level, High School level, College level and I am now playing as TOUR Professional and living my dream!"
“Modern day coaching by measuring through 3D motion technology, launch monitor ball flight data, Video Swing Analysis, and custom improvement plans make for the ultimate proven path toward success!”
“Benchmarks with measurable feedback to progress toward my goals.”
“Matt takes golf instruction to a whole new level in his total player improvement approach.  I am now playing the best golf of my life and love going to the course.”
“I shot my low round of my career in just a year of training with Matt!”